Cove at Dardenne – Subdivision Indentures



THIS INDENTURE OF TRUST AND RESTRICTIONS FOR THE COVE AT DARDENNE (the “Indenture”), made and entered into this 24th day of OCTOBER, 1995, by and between The Jones Company Custom Homes, Inc., a Missouri corporation (hereinafter referred to as “First Party”), and Homer Clark, Debra J. Lowery and Chas. D. Jones, all of St. Louis County, Missouri, hereinafter collectively referred to as “Trustees”.


WHEREAS, First Party is the owner of a tract of real property (the “Property”) located in St. Charles County, Missouri, as more particularly described on Exhibit A attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference; and

WHEREAS, First Party has or will cause the Property to be subdivided under the name “The Cove at Dardenne” (sometimes hereinaf­ter referred to as the “Subdivision”) and has caused or will cause the record plat(s) of the Subdivision to be recorded in the St. Charles County Records; and

WHEREAS, common land has been or will be reserved on the plat(s) of the Subdivision, and there has been and will be designated, established and recited on such plat(s) certain streets, common land and easements which are for the exclusive use and benefit of the residents of the Subdivision, except those streets or easements which are or may hereafter be dedicated to public bodies and agencies and which have been provided for the purpose of constructing, maintaining and operating sidewalks, sewers, pipes, poles, wires, storm water drainage, parks and other facilities and public utilities for the use and benefit of the residents of the Subdivision; and

WHEREAS, First Party, being the owner of the entire tract, may desire, from time to time, to encumber and dispose of parts thereof; and

WHEREAS, it is the purpose and intention of this Indenture to preserve said tract of land, subdivided as aforesaid, as a restricted neighborhood and to protect the same against certain uses by the adoption of this Indenture, and to apply the plan contained in this Indenture to all of said land described herein, including all common land, and mutually to benefit, guard and restrict future residents of the Subdivision and to foster their health and safety; and

WHEREAS, all reservations, limitations, conditions, easements and covenants herein contained, and all of which are sometimes hereafter termed “restrictions,” are jointly and severally for the benefit of all persons who may purchase, hold or reside upon the tract covered by this instrument.

   NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and of the mutual promises, covenants and agreements made by the parties
hereto each to the other, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties hereto COVENANT and AGREE to and with each other, collectively and individually, for themselves, their heirs, successors and assigns, and for and upon behalf of all persons who may hereafter derive title to or otherwise hold through them, together with their heirs, successors or assigns, any of the lots and parcels of land in the Subdivision, all as hereinafter set forth:



The following terms when used in this Indenture (unless the context requires otherwise) shall have the following meanings:

1. “Architectural Control Committee” shall have the meaning set forth in Article VI hereof.

2. “Common Ground” or “Common Land” or “Common Property” (or the plural of any thereof) shall mean and refer to all real property and the improvements thereon owned by the Trustees and all easements, licenses and other rights held by the Trustees for the common use and enjoyment of all Owners, including, without limitation, parks, open spaces, cul-de-sac islands, recreational facilities, lakes, streets, paths, trails, walkways, storm water (including retention basins) and sanitary sewers and drainage facilities, retaining walls, subdivision entrance ways and monuments, street lights, and other such areas and facilities as may be shown on the record plat(s) of the Subdivision. Nothing hereinabove contained shall be deemed a representation that any of the enumerated facilities are or will be included in the Subdivision or that any such facilities will be constructed upon Common Ground.

3. “Consumer Price Index” shall mean and refer to the Consumer Price Index For All Urban Consumers, All Items, St. Louis, Missouri (1982-84=100) published by the Bureau of Labor statistics, United States Department of Labor.

4. “First Party” shall mean and refer to The Jones Company Custom Homes, Inc., a Missouri corporation, its successors and assigns, including, but not limited to, any builder or developer who purchases vacant Lots or parcels of land constituting a portion of the Property for the purpose of building residences thereon for sale to third persons.

5. “Indenture” shall mean and refer to this Indenture of Trust and Restrictions for The Cove at Dardene, St. Charles County, Missouri, as from time to time amended.

6. “Lot” shall mean and refer to any plot of land, with the exception of Common Ground, shown on the recorded subdivision plat of the Property.

7. “Owner” shall mean and refer to the record owner, whether one or more persons or entities, of the fee simple title to any Lot, including contract sellers but excluding those having such interests as security for the performance of an obligation and excluding First Party.

8. “Property” shall mean and refer to the real property described on Exhibit a attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.

9. “Trustees” shall mean and refer to those persons designated in the preamble to this Indenture, and their successors and assigns as appointed or elected in accordance with the provisions of Article IV hereof.



The Indenture of Trust herein created shall continue until such time as the plat of the Property may be vacated by the Town of Dardene Prairie, Missouri, or its successors, after which period of time fee simple title to the Common Property shall vest in the then record Owners of all Lots constituting a part of the Property, as tenants in common. The rights of said tenants in common shall only be appurtenant to and in conjunction with their ownership of Lots in the Subdivision, and any conveyance or change of ownership of any Lot shall carry with it ownership in Common Property so that none of the Owners of Lots and none of the owners of the Common Property shall have such rights of ownership as to permit them to convey their interest in the Common Property except as is incident to the ownership of a Lot, and any sale of any Lot shall carry with it without specifically mentioning it all the incidents of ownership of the Common Property; provided, however, that all of the rights, powers and authority conferred upon the Trustees shall continue to be possessed by said Trustees.



First Party reserves the right to receive and retain any money consideration which may be refunded or allowed on account of any sums previously expended or subsequently provided for sewers, gas pipes, water pipes, conduits, poles, wires, street lights, roads, streets, recording fees, subdivision fees, consultation fees, or fees, charges and expenses incurred with respect to the Property.



1. Original Trustees. The original Trustees shall be Homer Clark, Debra L. Lowery and Chas. D. Jones, who, by their signatures hereto, consent to serve in such capacity until their successors are elected or appointed as hereinafter provided. Should an original Trustee or a successor Trustee appointed by First Party resign, refuse to act, become disabled or die, First Party shall have the power to appoint, by duly written, recorded instrument, a successor Trustee who shall serve until his successor is elected by the Owners in the manner hereinafter provided.

2. Election of Trustees. At such time as all Lots in the Subdivision have been sold and conveyed for residential use, or at such previous time as First Party may determine, First Party shall cause the resignation of the Trustees then serving hereunder, and the then Owners shall elect three (3) successor Trustees, one (1) of which shall be elected to serve for one (1) year, one (l) of which shall be elected to serve for two (2) years, and one (1) of which shall be elected to serve for three (3) years from the date of election. Thereafter, all Trustees shall be elected for terms of three (3) years each.

3. Manner of Conducting Elections; Meetings of Owners. All elections by Owners shall be preceded by notice signed by the Trustees then in office, or should there be no Trustees, then by three (3) such Owners, sent by mail to or personally served upon all Owners at least ten (10) days before the date fixed for the meeting to be held for the purpose of electing Trustees. The said notice shall specify the time and place of meeting which shall be in St. Charles County. At such meeting or at any adjournment thereof, the majority of the Owners attending such meeting, in person or by proxy, shall have the power to elect such Trustees, who shall thereupon serve until their successors have been duly appointed or elected and qualified. At such meeting, each Owner, whether attending in person or by proxy, shall be entitled to one (1) vote, which, when the Owner constitutes more than one person or entity, shall be cast as they among them shall determine; in no event shall more than one (1) vote be cast with respect to any Lot. The result of any election of Trustees shall be certified by the persons elected as chairman and secretary at such meeting, and their certification shall be acknowledged and recorded. Any business relevant or pertinent to the affairs of the Property may be transacted at any meeting of Owners called in conformity with the procedure described above. Twenty-five percent (25%) of the Owners shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of electing Trustees and for the purpose of conducting any other business coining before a meeting.

4. Qualification of Trustees. Any Trustee elected under the provisions of this Article shall be an Owner in the Subdivision, or an officer or agent of a corporate Owner, and if such Owner sells his or her Lot or resigns, refuses to act, becomes disabled or dies, the remaining Trustees shall appoint an Owner to act as the successor for the unexpired portion of the term of the Trustee no longer acting. Where the provisions of this instrument’ cannot be fulfilled by reason of unfilled vacancies among the Trustees, the City Council of the Town of Dardene Prairie, Missouri, or its successor may, upon the petition of any concerned resident or Owner in the Subdivision, appoint one or more Trustees to fill the vacancies until such time as Trustees are elected or selected in accordance with this Indenture. Any person so appointed who is not an Owner within the Subdivision shall be allowed a reasonable fee for his/her services by the order of appointment, which fee shall be levied as a special assessment against the Lots and which fee shall not be subject to any limitations on special assessments contained in this Indenture or elsewhere.



The Trustees shall have the rights, powers and authorities described throughout this Indenture and the following rights, powers and authorities:

1. Acquisition of Common Property. To acquire and hold the Common Property in accordance with and pursuant to the Ordinance and in accordance with and subject to the provisions of this Indenture, and to deal with any such Common property as hereinafter set forth.

2. Control of common property. To exercise such control over the easements, streets and roads, sidewalks (except for those easements, streets and roads and sidewalks which are now or may hereafter be dedicated to public bodies or agencies) , entrances and entrance markers, retaining walls, lights, gates, park areas, lakes, cul-de-sac islands, medians, shrubbery, storm water sewers, sanitary sewer trunks and lateral lines, pipes, and disposal and treatment facilities constituting Common Property as may be shown on the record plat(s) of the Subdivision, as is necessary to maintain, repair, rebuild, supervise and insure the proper use of said easements, streets and roads, etc., by the necessary public utilities and others, including the right (to themselves and others to whom they may grant permission) to construct, operate and maintain on, under and over said easements and streets, sidewalks, sewers, pipes, poles, wires and other facilities and public utilities for services to the Lots, and the right to establish traffic rules and regulations for the usage of driveways, streets and parking lots in the Property.

3. Maintenance of Common Property. To exercise control over the Common Property and easements for the exclusive use and benefit of residents of the Subdivision, and to pay real estate taxes and assessments on said Common Property out of the general assessment hereinafter authorized; to maintain and improve the Common Property with shrubbery, vegetation, decorations, buildings, recreational facilities of any kind or description, other structures, and any and all other types of facilities in the interest of health, welfare, safety, morals, recreation, entertainment, education, and general use of the Owners and residents in the Subdivision, all in conformity with applicable laws; and to prescribe by reasonable rules and regulations the terms and conditions of the use of Common Property, all for the benefit and use of the Owners and residents in the Subdivision and according to the discretion of the Trustees.

4. Dedication. To dedicate to public use any private streets constructed or to be constructed in the Property whenever such dedication would be accepted by a public agency.

5. Easements. To grant easements for public streets, sewers, utilities and cable television on and over the Common Property. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Indenture to the contrary, if required in connection with First Party’s or its successors’ or assigns’ development of property adjacent to the Property, the Trustees shall grant First Party and such public or quasi-public utilities and authorities as First Party may direct, and their respective successors and assigns, the perpetual right and easement to enter the Common Ground at any time and from time to time to erect, install, maintain, repair, rebuild and operate water, sewer, gas, telephone, power and cable television pipes, lines, poles and conduits including the right to clear the right-of-way for such pipes, lines, poles and conduits, and to keep it clear of brush and trees. The provisions of this Article V, Section 5, shall not be amended, modified or deleted without the prior written consent of First Party.

6. Enforcement. To prevent, as Trustees of an express trust, any infringement and to compel the performance of any restriction set out in this Indenture or established by law, and also any rules and regulations issued by said Trustees governing the use of the Common Property or any matters relating thereto. This provision is intended to be cumulative and not to restrict the right of any Owner to proceed in his own behalf, but the power and authority herein granted to the Trustees is intended to be discretionary and not mandatory.

7. Vacant and Neglected Lots. To clean up rubbish and debris and remove grass and weeds from and to trim, cut back, remove, replace and maintain trees, shrubbery and flowers upon any vacant or neglected Lots or parcels of land in the Property, and the Owners thereof may be charged with the reasonable expenses so incurred. The Trustees, their agents or employees, shall not be deemed guilty or liable for any manners of trespass or any other act or any injury, abatement, removal or planting.

8. Plans and specifications. As more specifically provided in Article VI hereof, to consider, approve or reject any and all plans and specifications for any and all buildings or structures and any additions or exterior renovations thereto, fences, satellite dishes, swimming pools, tennis courts, playground equipment and landscaping proposed for construction, erection or installation on any Lot. In acting hereunder, the Trustees shall consider and apply the limitations and parameters established in this indenture and shall otherwise use their discretion in determining what is best for the Subdivision as a whole, ,and in no event shall a decision to allow or disallow any item constitute precedent for any similar future request, nor shall such a decision be considered a reversal of any past request for similar approval.

9. Deposits. to require a reasonable deposit in connection with the proposed erection of any building or structure, fence, detached building, outbuilding, swimming pool, tennis courts, or other structure in the Property approved in accordance with Section 8 of this Article V and Article VI of this Indenture, in order to provide that upon completion of the project, all debris shall be removed from the site and from adjacent Lots and parcels, and that any and all damages to subdivision improvements shall be repaired.

10. Insurance. To purchase and maintain in force such insurance as they may deem appropriate, including, but not limited to, property insurance and liability insurance protecting the Trustees and the Owners from any and all claims for personal injuries and property damage arising from use of the Common Property and facilities.

11. Employment. In exercising the rights, powers and privileges granted to them and in discharging the duties imposed upon them by the provisions of this Indenture, from time to time to enter into contracts, employ agents, servants and labor as they may deem necessary or advisable, and to defend suits brought against them individually or collectively in their capacity as Trustees.

12. Condemnation. In the event it shall become necessary for any public agency to acquire all or any part of the Common Property for a public purpose, the Trustees are hereby authorized to negotiate with such public agency for such acquisition and to execute instruments necessary to that purpose. Should acquisition “by eminent domain become necessary, only the Trustees need be made parties, and any proceeds received shall be held by the Trustees for the benefit of those entitled to the use of said Common Property.

13. Variances. To grant variances from the provisions of this Indenture where, in the sole discretion of the Trustees, due cause therefor is demonstrated by an Owner.


1. Architectural Approval. From and after such time as a Lot becomes subject to assessment as provided in Article VIII of this Indenture, no building, fence, wall, driveway or other structure, swimming pool, tennis courts or improvement (other than a deck, patio, patio enclosure, screened porch or similar type improvement, shall be commenced, erected or maintained on such Lot, nor shall any exterior addition) to, removal of all or any part thereof, or exterior change or alteration (structural or nonstructural) in any improvement on such Lot be made, nor shall any tree with a three inch (3″) or greater caliper be removed, nor shall the grade or slope of any Lot be changed, nor shall any item, apparatus or device be attached to or the color or other exterior appearance of any structure upon any such Lot be changed until the plans and specifications showing the degree, nature, kind, shape, size, square footage, height, elevation, materials, colors, location and configuration of the same shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Trustees, or, if so appointed by the Trustees in their sole discretion, by an architectural committee composed of three (3) or more representatives. Reference herein to “Architectural Control Committee,” shall refer either to the aforesaid committee, if appointed and constituted, or to the Trustees, whichever happens to be acting at the time. In the event the Architectural Control Committee fails to approve or disapprove any design, materials, colors or location within sixty (60) days after all required plans and specifications have been submitted to it (and fees, if required, have been paid), approval will not be required and this provision will be deemed to have been fully complied with. The Architectural Control committee is authorized where it deems appropriate to charge a review fee for any submis­sion to defray the costs of reviews it conducts or authorizes.

It is the intent of this Indenture that all buildings and structures within the Subdivision shall be constructed of attrac­tive exterior materials of high quality. In its review of submissions, the Architectural Control Committee shall evaluate the construction standards and building materials for all proposed construction on the Lots to insure that they are in conformance with such objectives. Any permitted accessory buildings, enclosures, appurtenant structures to or extrusions from any building or structure on any Lot shall be of similar or compatible materials, design and construction. Exterior finishes and elevations once approved shall not be altered without the express consent of the Architectural Control Committee.



1. Trustees’ Responsibility – Common Property. The Trustees shall be responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement of the private sanitary and storm sewers, if any, any retention basins, and any other sanitary or storm sewers or other drainage facilities located on and servicing any Common Property or improvements thereon in the Property.

2. Owners’ Responsibility.   Each Owner shall be responsible

for the     maintenance, repair and replacement of the lateral sewage

line or     lines servicing such Owner’s Lot.

3. Sump Pump Drainage. Perpetual easements fifteen feet (15’) in width along the rear lot lines and four feet (4) in width along the side lot lines of all Lots in the Property are hereby established for sump pump drainage purposes. Without limiting the generality of the provisions of Article V, Section 2 or any other provision of this Indenture, the Trustees shall be responsible for the maintenance, cleaning out and repair of all such sump pump drainage easements, and are hereby granted easements in gross for ingress to and egress from such sump pump drainage easements and as otherwise required to perform their duties and responsibilities under this Indenture.


1. General. First Party, for each Lot within the subdivi­sion, hereby covenants, and each Owner of any Lot by acceptance of a deed therefor, whether or not it shall be so expressed in any such deed or other conveyance, shall be deemed to covenant and agree to pay (i) annual assessments or charges; and (ii) special assessments, such assessments to be fixed, established and collected from time to time as hereinafter provided.

The annual and special assessments together with such interest thereon and costs of collection thereof shall be a charge on the Lot and shall be a continuing lien upon the property against which such assessment is made. Each such assessment, together with interest thereon and cost of collection thereof, shall also be the personal obligation of the person who was the Owner of such property at the time when the assessment fell due.

2. Purpose. The assessments levied under this Article shall be used exclusively for the purpose of promoting the recreation, health, safety and welfare of the residents in the Planned Environment Unit and in particular for the rendering of services in the furtherance of such purposes, including the carrying out of all functions herein authorized, and for the acquisition, improvement, maintenance and operation of the Common Property and all facilities thereon and easements established herein or on the plat of the Subdivision (including but not limited to the Detention Easement referenced in Section V(13) of this Indenture), including, but not limited to, the payment of taxes and insurance thereon, and repair, maintenance, replacements and additions thereto, and for the cost of labor, equipment, materials, management and supervision thereof, and for such other needs as may arise.

3. Annual Assessments. The maximum annual assessment shall, until increased as herein authorized, be _____________________ Dollars ($______) per Lot; provided, however, that the Trustees may increase such assessment for any assessment year by an amount which is equal to the increase in the Consumer Price Index as indicated by the last available Index published prior to the assessment year over the corresponding last available Index published prior to commencement of the first assessment year hereunder. If such Index be discontinued, the Trustees shall utilize a successor index, determined by the Trustees in their sole judgment, to be most similar to the discontinued Index.

The Trustees may, after consideration of current maintenance costs and future costs and needs, fix the actual assessment for any year at a lesser amount. The Trustees may change the basis and maximum of assessments provided for herein upon the approval of a majority of the Trustees and the assent of a majority of the Owners voting in person or by proxy at a meeting duly called for such purpose, written notice of which shall have been sent to all Owners at least thirty (30) days in advance and shall set forth the purpose of the meetings.

Each annual assessment shall be levied prior to or during the year for which it is levied, notice thereof being given by first class mail addressed to the last known or usual post office address of each Owner and deposited in the United States mail with postage prepaid, or by posting of a notice of the assessment upon the Lot against which it applies. Each annual assessment shall be due on the date which is thirty (30) days after such mailing or posting, and shall become delinquent if not paid within thirty (30) days following such due date.

4. Storm Water Facilities. In addition to the foregoing, the Trustees are authorized to make separate annual assessments upon and against each Lot for the purpose of maintaining or repairing storm water storage, disposal or sewer facilities located within the Property; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, the separate power granted to the Trustees by this Section 4 shall expire with the calendar year following the acceptance of any such storm water facilities for public maintenance. Any assessment made under authority granted in this, Section 4, shall be assessed and collected in the same manner as the assessments under Section 3 above, and the Trustees shall have the same powers of collection and lien rights against the Lots as provided in said Section 3.

5. Special Assessments. If at any time the Trustees consider it necessary to make any expenditure requiring an assessment additional to the annual assessment, they shall submit a written outline of the contemplated project and the amount of the assess­ment required to the then Lot Owners. If such assessment is approved, either at a meeting of the Owners called by the Trustees, by a majority of the votes cast in person and by proxy, or on written consent of a majority of the total votes entitled to vote thereon, the Trustees shall notify all Owners of the additional assessment; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that in determining such required majority, each Owner shall be entitled to one (1) full vote, except that only those who have paid all assessments theretofore made shall be entitled to vote. The limit of the annual assessments for general purposes set forth in Section 3 hereof shall not apply to any assessment made under the provisions of this Section 5. Notice of any special assessment hereunder shall be given in the same manner as notices of annual assessments are given, with such assessment becoming delinquent thirty (30) days after the date of such notice.

6. Prorations. Should a Lot become subject to assessments after January 1 in any year, and should an annual or special assessment have been levied for that year, then such assessment shall be adjusted so that such Lot shall be charged with a portion of the assessment prorated for the balance of that year.

7. Interest and Liens. All assessments shall bear interest at the rate of one percent (1%) over the from time-to-time publicly announced floating prime rate of interest charged by The Boatmen’s National Bank of St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, from the date of delinquency, and such assessment, together with interest and costs of collection, shall constitute a lien upon the Lot against which it is assessed until the amount, together with interest and charges, is fully paid. As an assessment becomes delinquent, the Trustees may execute and acknowledge an instrument reciting the levy of the assessment and cause the same to be recorded in the office of the Recorder of Deeds for St. Charles County, Missouri, and thereafter institute any appropriate legal action to enforce such lien. Should an Owner pay an assessment after the recording of a notice thereof, the Trustees shall cause to be executed and recorded (at the expense of the Owner of the affected Lot) a release of said lien.

The lien of the assessments provided for herein shall be subordinate to the lien of any institutional (bank, savings and loan association, pension or retirement fund, insurance company or federally insured mortgage) first mortgage now or hereafter placed upon any Lot with respect to which assessments have become due and payable prior to a sale or transfer of such Lot pursuant to foreclosure or transfer in lieu of foreclosure. Such sale or transfer shall not relieve such Lot from liability for any assessments thereafter becoming due, nor from the lien of any such subsequent assessment. As used herein, the term “mortgage” or “mortgages” shall include deed or deeds of trust.

8.  Exemptions.  The following properties subject to this Indenture shall be exempt from the assessments, charges and liens created herein:

(i)  All Common Property;

(ii) All properties exempted from taxation under the laws of the State of Missouri; and

(iii) All Lots owned by First Party until occupied or until title to the Lot has been transferred to the first purchaser thereof at retail (as distinguished from sales in bulk or at wholesale to others for development or resale). No Lot devoted to residential use shall be exempt from assessment hereunder.

9. Keeping of Funds. The Trustees shall deposit the funds coming into their hands as Trustees in a bank protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the treasurer being bonded for the proper performance of his duties in an amount fixed by the Trustees.

10. Ordinance Compliance. Notwithstanding any other conditions herein, the Trustees shall make suitable provisions for compliance with all subdivision and other ordinances, rules and regulations of the Town of Dardene Prairie, Missouri, and any municipality of which the Property may become a part, including, but not limited to, maintenance and operation of street lights, easements and roadways (except for those easements and roadways as are dedicated to public bodies or agencies) and for such purposes shall not be limited to the maximum assessment provided for herein.



In addition to the limitations and restrictions imposed by other provisions of this Indenture and the Ordinance, the following restrictions are imposed upon and against the Property and each Lot now or hereafter existing therein:

1. Building Use. No building or structure shall, without the approval of the Trustees, be used for a purpose other than that for which the building or structure was originally designed.

2. Building Location. No building or structure shall be located on any Lot nearer to the street(s) upon which such Lot fronts or by which such Lot is bordered or the side or rear Lot lines than the front building line or side or rear set-back lines shown on the plat of the Property.

3. Resubdivision. No Lot shall be resubdivided nor shall a fractional part of any Lot be sold without the consent of the Trustees, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. In the event either of the foregoing is approved, then the assessment attributable to the Lot so subdivided shall be pro-rated between the resulting Lots.

4. Commercial Use. Except for the promotional activities conducted by First Party in connection with the development of the Property and the marketing and sale of residences therein and the conduct of a home occupation in strict accordance with the provisions of the applicable zoning ordinances, no commercial activities of any kind shall be conducted on any Lot.

5. Nuisances. No loud, noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any Lot or Common Ground in the Subdivision, nor shall anything be done thereon that may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the neighborhood. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no motorized vehicles, including, but not limited to, cars, go-carts, trailers, recreational vehicles (RVs), sleds, snow mobiles, recreational motor vehicles, trucks, vans, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), motorcycles, dirt bikes, minibikes, tractors, truck-tractors, campers, or house trailers shall be operated, driven, ridden, stored or otherwise placed on, in or about the Common Ground. No exterior lighting shall be directed outside the boundaries of a Lot or other parcel.

6. Maintenance. Each Owner shall maintain and keep his Lot in good order and repair, and shall do nothing which would be in violation of law. Trash, rubbish, toys, tools, cases, crates or any discarded item shall not be left in the front or back yard of any Lot overnight, and no exterior front yard appurtenances such as sculptures, bird baths or similar personal property items which are not permanently affixed to or made a part of the realty shall be placed in the front yard of any Lot.

7. Obstructions. There shall be no obstruction of any portion of the Common Property or any storage or construction or planting thereon by an Owner. No clothes, laundry or other articles or equipment shall be placed, hung, exposed or stored in any portion of the Common Property or in any portion of the exterior or yard area of any Lot or on or about the exterior of any building.

8. Animals. No animals, reptiles, birds, horses, rabbits, fowl, poultry, cattle or livestock of any kind shall be brought onto or kept on the Properties, except that no more than two dogs, cats, or other household pets (except house pets with vicious propensities) may be kept or maintained on any Lot, provided that such pets not kept for any commercial purpose and provided that such pets are at all times leashed and no “runs” or other outside structures are erected or installed therefore. The keeping of any pet which by reason of its noisiness or other factor is a nuisance (as determined by the Trustees in their sole judgment) or annoyance to the neighborhood is prohibited.

9. Trucks, Boats. Etc. No trucks (other than pick-up trucks not exceeding 3/4 ton) or commercial vehicles, boats, motorcycles, campers, house trailers, boat trailers or trailers of any other description shall be permitted to be parked or stored on any Lot unless they are parked or stored in an enclosed garage or in such other enclosure (open or otherwise) approved by the Architectural Control Committee, except only during periods of approved construc­tion on the Lot. Further, no motor vehicle or equipment shall be repaired or otherwise serviced in front of or adjacent to any residence in the Subdivision.

10. Abandoned Vehicles. No abandoned cars, motorcycles, jeeps, trucks or motor vehicles of any kind whatsoever that are unable to move under their own power may be stored or suffered to remain upon any of the Common Property or on any Lot. It any such motor vehicle is so stored or remains on the aforesaid premises, the Trustees may take the necessary steps to remove the same at the Owner’s expense.

11. Vehicular Sight Lines. No fence, wall, tree, hedge or shrub planting shall be maintained in such manner to obstruct sight lines for vehicular traffic. Except as may be required to comply with the prior sentence, no live tree shall be removed without the approval of the Architectural Control Committee.

12. Outbuildings. No structure of a temporary character, trailer, tent, shack, garage, barn, shed or other outbuilding shall be erected or installed on any Lot at any time.

13. Signs. No signs, advertisements, billboards or adver­tising structures of any kind may be erected, maintained or displayed on any Lot; provided, however, that nothing herein shall prohibit signs erected or displayed by First Party in connection with the development of the Property and the marketing and sale of residences therein.

14. Garbage. No trash, garbage, rubbish, refuse, debris, trash cans or trash receptacles of any type shall be stored in the open on any Lot, but shall be kept secured within the improvements located on each Lot; provided, however, after sunrise on any day designated for trash pick-up, trash, garbage, rubbish, refuse and debris secured within appropriate trash cans or receptacles may be placed at the street curbing for pick-up; and, provided, further, that trash cans or receptacles shall be removed and secured within the improvements on each Lot prior to sundown of the same day.

15. Utility and Drainage Easements. Easements for installa­tion and maintenance of utilities and drainage facilities are established in this Indenture and are and/or will be reserved as shown on the recorded plats of the Property. Within these ease­ments, no structure, planting or other material shall be placed or permitted to remain which may damage or interfere with the installation and maintenance of utilities, or which may change the direction or flow of drainage channels in the easements, or which may obstruct or retard the flow of water through drainage channels in the easements.

16. Oil Drilling.  No oil drilling, oil development opera­tions, oil refining, quarrying or mining operations of any kind shall be permitted upon or in any Lot or portion of the Property, nor shall oil wells, tanks, tunnels, mineral excavations or shafts be permitted upon or in any Lot or portion of the Property. No derrick or other structure designated for use in boring for oil or natural gas shall be erected, maintained or permitted upon any Lot or portion of the Property.

17. Cul-De-Sac, Etc.  No above-ground structure, other than required street lights, may be erected upon a cul-de-sac, divided street entry island, or median strip.

18. Fences. no fences or screening of any kind shall be erected or maintained on any Lot between the rear of the residence constructed on such Lot and the street upon which such Lot fronts. Fences may be maintained on other portions of the Lots only with written consent of the Architectural Control Committee as to location, material and height, and the decision of such committee to approve or reject a fence shall be conclusive. Nothing herein contained shall prevent placement of fences by the Trustees on the Common Ground.

19. Television Antennae. No exterior television or radio antennae, towers or similar structures will be allowed on any Lot in the Subdivision. Further, except as may be approved by the Architectural Control Committee pursuant to Article VI of this Indenture, no Lot shall have an exterior freestanding signal receiving dish or similar appliance; provided, however, notwith­standing anything contained herein to the contrary, the Architec­tural Control Committee may not approve installation of a satellite or digital dish receiver more than twenty inches (20″) tall and wide.

20. Swimming Pools. (a) No above ground swimming pools will be allowed on any Lot in the Subdivision unless they are recessed at lease one-half (1/2) of their exterior depth into the yard or the slope of a yard and completely surrounded by decking, properly skirted to the surrounding ground level so as to present the appearance of an in-ground pool. The plans for any such pool must be submitted to and approved by the Architectural Control Commit­tee, and shall include drawings, material lists, landscape detail and any other information deemed necessary by the Architectural Control Committee in its sole discretion. The approval of any such pool shall not constitute a precedence for other such structures, and each instance will be determined on a case by case basis.

(b) All in-ground pools must have at least four feet (4) of concrete or some other such decking material surrounding the entire pool.

(c) Any requirements set forth in this Section for approval of installation of pools that may conflict with any governmental codes or guidelines may be changed by the Trustees to conform with such governmental guidelines.



These general provisions shall apply to the foregoing Indenture:

1. Enforcement. Enforcement of any of these covenants shall be by proceedings at law or in equity against any person or persons violating or attempting to violate any such covenants and may be brought to restrain any such violation and/or to recover damages therefor together with reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs.

2. Actions by Trustees. The Trustees are authorized to act through a representative, provided, however, that all acts of the Trustees shall be agreed upon by at least a majority of said Trustees. No Trustee shall be held personally responsible for his wrongful acts, and no Trustees shall be held responsible for the wrongful acts of others. No Trustee shall be held personally liable for injury or damage to persons or property by reason of any act or failure to act of the Trustees, collectively or indivi­dually. The Trustees from time to time serving hereunder, except Trustees appointed pursuant to Article IV, Section 4 hereof, shall not be entitled to any compensation or fee for services performed pursuant to this Indenture.

3. Adjoining Tracts. The Trustees named hereunder shall be the Trustees of the Property and are authorized and empowered to cooperate and contract with Trustees of adjoining or nearby tracts in the development and maintenance of facilities inuring to the benefit and general welfare of the inhabitants of the entire area.

4. Amendments. Until all Lots authorized to be developed in the Property have been sold and conveyed for residential use, the provisions of this Indenture may only be amended, modified or changed by First Party. First Party may from time to time effect any such amendment, modification or change by recording an instrument of amendment in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds for St. Charles County, Missouri. Thereafter, the provisions hereof may only be amended, modified or changed by the written consent of two-thirds (2/3rds) of all the Owners, with any such amendment, modification or change being recorded in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds for St. Charles County, Missouri. No amendment, modifica­tion or change shall reduce or modify the obligations or rights granted to or imposed upon the Trustees or eliminate the require­ment that there be Trustees unless some person or entity is substituted for the Trustees with their responsibilities and duties.

5. Severability, Etc.; All covenants and agreements herein are expressly declared to be independent and not interdependent. No laches, waiver, estoppel, condemnation or failure of title as to any part of the Property or any Lot in the Property shall be of any effect to modify, invalidate or annul any grant, covenant or agreement herein with respect to the remainder of the Property, saving always the right to amendment, modification or repeal as hereinabove expressly provided.

6. Invalidation. Invalidation of any one of the covenants of this Indenture shall in no way affect any other provision hereof.

7. Assignment by First Party. The rights, powers and obligations granted to First Party may be assigned or transferred by First Party, in whole or in part, to any other person or entity or persons or entities to whom First Party sells, transfers or assigns all or any of the Lots in the Property.

8. Right’s During Construction and Sale. Notwithstanding any provision contained in this Indenture to the contrary, until all Lots authorized by the ordinance to be developed in the Property have been sold and conveyed for residential use, First Party and its successors and assigns shall have the right and privilege (i) to erect and maintain advertising signs, sales flags and other sales devices and banners for the purpose of aiding the sale of Lots and residences in the Property, and (ii) to maintain sales, business and construction offices in display homes or trailers on the Property (including without limitation, the Common Ground) to facilitate the completion of development of the Subdivision and construction and sale of residences and improvements on the Property. First Party’s construction activities shall not be considered a nuisance, and First Party hereby reserves the right and privilege for itself and its successors and assigns to conduct the activities enumerated in this Section until all Lots in the Property have been sold and conveyed for residential purposes. The provisions of this, Article X, Section 8, shall not be amended, modified or deleted without the prior written consent of First Party.

9. Term.  Except where permanent easements or other permanent rights or interests are herein created, the covenants and restric­tions of this Indenture shall run with and bind the Property for a term which is the longer of: (i) thirty (30) years from the date of recordation of this Indenture, after which said covenants and restrictions shall be automatically extended for successive periods of ten (10) years each, unless an instrument signed by the then Owners of two-thirds (2/3) of the Lots subject hereto has been recorded agreeing to terminate this Indenture as of the end of any such ten (10) year period, but in no event prior to the vacation of all plats of the Property; or (ii) as to any subdivision of the Property, for the duration of the subdivision encumbered hereby unless continued in effect by the vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Lots in such subdivision by an appropriate instrument filed of record prior to the vacation of the plats of such subdivision as aforesaid. No such agreement of termination shall be effective unless made and recorded one (1) year in advance of the effective date of such termination, and unless written notice of the proposed agreement of termination is sent to every Owner at least ninety (90) days in advance of any action taken.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF. First Party has executed this Indenture this 24th day of



THE JONES COMPANY CUSTOM HOMES, INC., a Missouri corporation

Homer Clark
Chad. D. Jones




 Day of October, 1995, before me appeared Homer Clark, to me personally known, who, being by me duly sworn, did say that he is the Vice President of The Jones Company Custom Homes,” Inc., a corporation of the State of Missouri, and that the foregoing instrument was signed in behalf of said Corporation, by authority of its Board of Directors; and said Vice President acknowledged said instrument to be the free act and deed of said Corporation.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal in the County and State aforesaid, the day and year first above written.

Notary Public






STATE OF MISSOURI                   )



On this 24th day of October, 1995, before me personally
appeared Homer Clark, Debra J. Lowery and Chas. D. Jones, to me
known to be the persons described in and who executed the foregoing
instrument and acknowledged that they executed the same as their
free act and deed.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunder set my hand and affixed my official seal in the County and State aforesaid, the day and year first above written.

Notary Public


Notary public-notary seal







A  tract  of land being part of Fractional Section   7 and Fractional Section  12 and U.S.  Survey 1669,   Township  46 North, Range 2 East and Township  46 North,  Range 3 East,  and being  the same property conveyed to Joe Robbins and Jane  Vaughn in Book  1085, Page  1003 of the St.  Charles County Missouri Recorder’s Office and being more particularly described as follows:

BEGINNING at a point marking the northeastern corner of property now or formerly of Southwestern Bell Telephone Company as recorded in Book 866.  Page 536 of the said Recorder’s Office; thence along  the northern  line of said Southwestern Bell  Telephone Company property and also along the northern line of property now or formerly of Monsanto Company,  a Delaware Corporation,   as recorded in Book 956,  Page 821 of the said Recorder’s Office,  North 8719’34”,   West.  1765.46 feet to the western line of said Monsanto property;   thence leaving said northern line and along  the eastern  line of Monsanto Company as recorded in  Boot;  1126. Page  1957.  North  02’50’40” East,   1021.33 feet  to  the southern line of property now or formerly of Hunter Hulchins,  Melvin Bowman and John B.   Wilson,   Trustees of the Dardenne Presbyterian Church  as recorded in Book 244.  Page 91. Book 20.  Page 554,   and Book 508. Page  753 of the said Recorder’s Office;   thence along  the southern line of said Presbyterian Church property.  South  86’54’17” East, 220.00 feet  to a point marking the southeast corner of said Church property,   thence along the eastern  line of said Church property North  02’50’40” East.  385.99 feet  to  the southern line of Missouri State Highway N.   variable width;   thence leaving said eastern line and along the southern line of said Missouri State Highway “N” the following courses South 86’54’17” East. J.48 feet to a point;  thence North Q3″05’43’ East,  5.00 feet ‘to a point; thence South 86~54’17’ East, 509.00 feet to a point;   thence South 03V5’43” West, 5.00 feet to a point;   thence South 36’54’17” East.  600.00 feet to a point; thence North 03V5’4J” East. 5.00 feet to a point; thence South 86-54′.17~ East.  127.50 feet to a point of curvature: thence along a curve to the left having a radius of 746.78 feet, and on arc length of 289.12 feet to the western ling of Bates Road, 30 foot wide as recorded in Road Plat Book  1,  Page 126 of the St.  Charles County Missouri Recorder’s Office;   thence leaving said southern line and along the western line of said Bates Road. South 01’55’40” West,   1454.89 feet to the POINT OF. BEGINNING and containing 54.69 acres more or less.


Stale of Missouri County of Si. Charles

1 hereby certify that this instrument was FILED FOR RECORD and is RECORDED on the Dale and Time and in the Page is stamped hereon

BARBARA J., of Si. ‘

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